Aquamarine is the birthstone for Aries and is associated with March. Aqua means sea-water and can be found in a range of of gorgeous sea-blues and greens. It is usually found in the Urals ( Russia), Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Nigeria. A dark blue variety occurs in Madagascar In legend aquamarine was believed to contain the power of the sea and so was dedicated to the the sea goddess Aphrodite, whose name means born of the foam. A very special stone, it increases intuition, and physic awareness. It is good focus for meditation and vizualisations. It enables couples who have grown apart to re-establish loving communications. At work it helps with overseas business and connections and to resolve legal matters favorably and amicably. Aqua comforts in time of intense physical, emotional and karmic releases. It shields and protects. It fills the hara line with healing light and brings about core soul repair and healing, aiding soul retrieval and healing deeply at all levels.

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