Handmade gemstone jewellery

Our natural gemstone jewellery combines a bohemian aura with some of nature’s finest creations.

Ancient philosophers believed gemstones were formed from the stars and planets. They are associated with mythology and folklore, and can be used for healing, magic, divination and for physic development. They can bring harmony and joy, offer protection and attract love, prosperity, self-confidence, health and happiness.

The ancient Egyptians used them for talismans, while the Romans believed some had the power to cure diseases. In China, India and many other cultures, gemstones have long been used to balance the energies of the planets in the wearer's horoscope. For more on this, please see our birthstone jewellery page.


How unique gemstone jewellery is made

Gemstones were actually created in the womb of the earth over millions of years by the action of water, wind and volcanic fire. Around 3,000 different minerals have been cut, polished and admired for their beauty. Yet the vast majority exist only in museums and collections, too delicate for jewellery.

Only around a hundred types of gemstones are suitable for jewellery. At Emma Chapman jewels, we only the best examples of the finest, most magical gemstones. These include our boho gemstone jewellery, our bridal jewellery and, of course, our unique fine designer jewellery.


How to choose natural gemstone jewellery


Always select the gemstone you are most naturally drawn to – it will invariably be the one you need at that present time – or the perfect gift.

A further allure is the ways in which different conditions, viewpoints and light sources can conjure up fantastical arrays of colour and light. Our gemstone jewellery is specifically crafted to maximise these wonderful properties.

Take your pick from the many gorgeous examples on our website, or ask us to craft you some extra-special bespoke gemstone jewellery.