Pink opal - comes from Peru. Spiritual properties of Pink Opal are quite essential for everyone. This stone is highly recommended for many physical and mental benefits. It helps assimilation of proteins in the body and is also helpful in keeping lungs healthy. Pink opal a gemstone that helps in bringing high hopes along with positive thoughts and actions. The gem has high amount of latent energy which is absorbed and transmitted in a mysterious way. The absorption and transmission of energy brings positive results for the wearer. It brings psychic stability to minds making it stable. It is considered as a stone of romance and love. It is believe that the stone has the power to fulfill wishes thereby resulting in happiness. This Opal has the ability to bring joy and uplift spirits. In times of stress, this gemstone can bring optimism making the wearer’s life filled with joy and happiness. It brings freedom from stress, guilt and shame. By keeping the mind in a stress free condition it makes the wearer forget all worries and enhances clarity in thinking process.

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