All of Emma Chapman’s jewellery is handmade in Jaipur, India, in family run workshops by master goldsmiths and stonecutters. 

Please store your jewellery in a soft lined pouch or box separately so they don't damage each other. Also don’t mix oxidised jewellery with any other jewellery or the oxidisation will affect and tarnish the rest of the jewellery.

To clean your jewellery, if it made of silver or gold, you can rub gently with a soft lint free cloth. However if the jewellery is made of gold vermeil – please do not rub it or the vermeil will come off. Vermeil naturally dulls over time.

Precious metals naturally tarnish with exposure to air as well as perfumes, moisturiser, make up, hairspray, perspiration, household cleaning products, chlorine and salt.

Please avoid exposing your jewellery to these conditions and always remove before swimming, showering, exercising or sleep to extend your jewellery's life and shine. This is especially important for any gold vermeil jewellery, as it will come off if exposed to water or sprays.

All gemstones are delicate, so please make sure you do not knock or drop any pieces of jewellery that have gemstones in them. This can lead to cracks and breaks. Also gemstones can loosen if exposure to water, so beware of bathing and swimming with gemstone jewellery.