"THANK YOU – the ring is lovely even more than I remembered and the fit is great" 
Eileen Brownlie

"Your gorgeous turquoise ring which hasn't left my hand since we met in Jaipur in February is having a lovely time here in Bali. Lots of darling compliments on my gobstoppingly gorgeous ring"

Anna Kwiecinska

“Choosing the gorgeous Atzaro hotel for this night of very real talent and glamour, the event attracted jewellers of such calibre that it all sized up to be a 'not to miss'. Jewellers like Emma Chapman, her creations featured in Harpers Bazaar, Vogue, The Times, and pieces found in the National Portrait Gallery and the V&A, flew in to take part. Grabbing a glass of champagne in the warm summer evening air, Emma and her fellow creatives were there to chat with you, there to let you pick up, try on, admire and purchase (yes, I did) their creations”

Ibiza Spotlight

"The ring has arrived !!! I love it , love it , love it .  It is so beautiful , absolutely stunning. Thank you so much , it is such an amazing piece. My very best regards"

Hana Krosnar

"Thank you so much for the bracelet I received for Christmas, I literally love it so much"
Alice Chapman

"Your choice on the creation of the ring is beautiful. Love it. Love it.  It is a piece of art, that was my first thought"

Heidi Gass

"The ring has arrived and I love it."

Elspeth Saunders

"OMG I have been looking at your jewellery and I am in love with it. You have exquisite taste"

Jillian Saunders

"My beautiful ring has just arrived and it fits perfectly. Thank you so much for organizing this"
Alice Young

"Loving my ring. Thank you. It is absolutely gorgeous, have had so many compliments already. I will recommend your jewellery to everyone. I cannot say enough how fabulous your designs are."
Megan Hicks.

"I love Emma Chapman's work:  the intricate settings, the beautiful craftsmanship, the fact that all the gems have a meaning, and each piece of jewellery has a story.

Her love of India is evident in the mix of traditional techniques and her brilliant eye for design.  These are all one off pieces -  real works of art, must have pieces of jewellery."

Susan Ward Davies
Lifestyle & Travel Director,
ELLE & elleuk.com, ELLE Wedding,

"What is exceptional about Emma's work is that she combines exquisite ancient couture techniques, with a very high quality of craftsmanship. She has  an amazing visual sense, which she uses to create totally unique pieces of jewellery for today. I've know Emma for a number of years and am impressed with the creativity and tenacity she shows in her work. Her departure into fine jewellery is a natural progression from her more commercial work and deserves to be taken to a wider audience."

Yvonne Fuchs, The Branding Workshop.


"An award-winning British jewellery designer, living between London and Jaipur, Emma creates stunning, opulent and exotic gemstone jewellery, in rich sumptuous colours. Her work has a contemporary western sensibility and yet draws upon India’s traditional fine jewellery craftsmanship mixing jaali, filigree, carving, engraving, embossing, and enamelling."

Fiona Caulfield – LOVE GOLD ( World Gold Council)


"One day a few years ago I was in the garden of Vivenda Guesthouse where we stay in Goa and Charlotte Hayward the owner introduced me to a beautiful blond woman called Emma. She had very pale, creamy skin, striking bone structure and a luminous smile. She was dressed in bright Indian clothes and seemed like a flower walking through the garden. She had contracted typhoid, ended up in hospital in Goa with Charlotte looking after her and was now recovering in the peace of the jungle. As luck would have it Emma Chapman designs bespoke jewelry just as beautiful as her - colourful, sophisticated and a little bit exotic. As luck would also have it, she had a selection with her and agreed to give my tour clients and I a little salon in Charlotte’s lounge at Vivenda. We sat around the table covered in wondrous rings, pendants, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Everything got touched, tried on, exclaimed over and lots got bought to turn up later at gala evenings. What European women like about Emma’s jewelry is that it is Indian inspired with a Western twist - it is something exotic you would actually wear when you get home, unlike the lime green sari you thought was such a good idea. There are also varying price range, which is most helpful so you can go for the opulent diamonds or the more affordable gemstones like garnets, amethysts, topaz and rubies. Each piece is unique with its carving, engraving and jali (lattice) work. Emma uses silver, gold and vermeil (component metal) with a matt finish. A lot of the work is inspired by ancient mysticism, contains tribal and spiritual elements and is made by hand by local crafts people and stone cutters. She was originally discovered by Hilary Alexander, fashion director of the Telegraph and chosen as one of the most promising new designers of today. Since then she has exhibited numerous times at both London, New York and Paris Fashion Week and her jewellery features in British Vogue and Harpers Bazaar magazines."
Hot Pink Spice Saga, Peta Mathias

"The discovery of new talent is one of life’s most exciting and satisfying experiences, and Emma Chapman’s sumptuously coloured gemstones make such an impact, hardly surprising as she came from a background of film-making working with stars like Juliette Binoche, Catherine Deneuve and Helena Bonham Carter."
Janet Fitch

"Emma Chapman combines her Western sensibility and ancient Indian techniques to make jewellery that captures the exoticism of India, but is wearable in the West."

Harpers Bazaar Magazine 

"The necklace just arrived and it's beautiful. Thank you."


"Loving my ring. Thank you it is absolutely gorgeous."


"The ring has arrived and I love it!"

"The Lakshmi pendant is beautiful and I haven't stopped wearing it."

"I want you to know that at Fashion Weekend last night, your ( mine now )  ring got very, very noticed :-)
I really love it and the pendant will be worn this weekend. It feels very special. Well done Emma, your creations are always lovely but this collection is quite unique."

"My necklace has arrived and it’s absolutely beautiful. It is one of the most exciting parcels I have ever received."

"Thanks you for sending the rings.  They are very beautiful."


"Thank you for this beautiful object, which I will treasure."

"I am wearing the pendant every day and getting lots of compliments"


"I met you  last night and bought that gorgeous green and diamond pendant.

Please keep me posted with any events that you hold. I am a big fan of your pieces"

"Thanks so much for the lovely earrings - I am wearing them for breakfast!"

"Jewellery received with thanks – it is  amazing!"

JO PERRY, Whistles

"Ihope you are well, I just wanted to say thank you for sending the beautiful jewellery we ordered, it all arrived today. I look forward to wearing my new earrings"

"I just wanted to really thank you for my beautiful earrings. I was excited and terrifically delighted when I received them today.
Beautiful finish and perfect colours - to be worn with a black lace sari at a wedding."

'My cuff links arrived a few days ago and I am wearing them today. They are as beautiful as ever and now fit perfectly too! Thanks very much."


"Just to let you know I have received my beautiful earrings!!
Omg they are amazing you are so talented! I will definitely be back you are my new most favourite jewellery designer!!!
Thank you so much!"
Warmest regards