Meet the Designer

The award-winning jewellery designer Emma Chapman, uses gorgeous gemstones, precious metals and ancient couture techniques, to create totally unique, regal heirloom treasure for the 21st century. Drawing on old heritage traditions, her jewellery incorporates carving, engraving, enamel, jaali and embossed work. Her signature style is haute-bohemian in flavour, exotic and glamorous. All the jewellery is exquisitely handmade by master goldsmiths and stone –cutters, in her workshops in Jaipur, and has been featured in numerous magazines including Vogue, Harpers, Tatler, Elle and Conde Nast Traveller. The brand sells all over the world.

Her work is showcased at both London Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week at Premiere Classe. The brand has also been invited to participating in NY NOW in New York this summer, in the UK pavilion.

“ Emma won the Lux Magazine Global Excellence Award for Best Luxury Handmade Jewellery Designer - UK”

The jewellery is beautiful across generations, and is a contemporary twist on classic traditions of royal adornment. Emma Chapman is inspired by and borrows from old couture techniques, to create wearable pieces of jewellery for today. The inspiration is drawn from ancient geometric motifs and patterns, in Islamic, Mughal, Arabic, Byzantine, Vedic and sacred Indian architecture and given a modern twist for Western wear.
“I see my brand as being pure treasure, exquisite, finely crafted, timeless heirloom jewellery, using master craftsmanship, which is haute-bohemian in style, opulent, exotic and other worldly.
I feel when people buy my jewellery they not only buy a beautiful piece of jewellery, but they are tapping into another world, that of exoticism, of romance of legend and heritage.
This jewellery is for the luxury vagabond, someone who appreciates beautiful hand made, well crafted jewellery. My jewellery is for the working woman, fashion mavern, cultural enthusiast, world citizen… it aspires to pull at the heart strings.”
Emma Chapman

“An award-winning British jewellery designer, living between London and Jaipur, Emma creates opulent and exotic gemstone jewellery, in rich sumptuous colours. Her work has a contemporary western sensibility and yet draws upon India’s traditional fine jewellery craftsmanship mixing jaali, filigree, carving, engraving, embossing, and enamelling.” Fiona Caulfield, Love Gold ( World Gold Council)

“Emma Chapman combines her Western sensibiilty and ancient Indian techniques to make jewellery that captures the exoticism of India, but is wearable in the West” Harpers Bazaar Magazine

"I love Emma Chapman's work: the intricate settings, the beautiful craftsmanship, the fact that all the gems have a meaning, and each piece of jewellery has a story. Her love of India is evident in the mix of traditional techniques and her brilliant eye for design. These are all one off pieces - real works of art, must have pieces of jewellery." Susan Ward Davies Lifestyle & Travel Director, ELLE &, ELLE Wedding."

The brand is increasingly making bespoke, one-off pieces of jewellery for customers, made especially for them. Our customised pieces of jewellery, have sold to Royalty, Ambassadors and their wives, fashionistas, musicians, other designers, models, and just about anyone looking for something very special, that is unique to them.

Emma Chapman features in a new BBC2 documentary series, all shot in Jaipur, India. Called The Real Hotel Exotic Marigold, it is inspired by the much loved movie, The Best Hotel Exotic Marigold. With Patti Labelle, Silver McCoy, Miriam Margoyles, Jan Leeming, Wayne Sleep, Rosemary Shrager, Roy Walker and Bobby George. Watch the fun, drama and adventures unfold on BBC2.

Creative Director and Founder - Emma Chapman

Fashion Director and Inspiration Guru - Neil Archer

Filmmaker who made Our Brand Story - Freddie Rostand, Rostand  Productions