Sustainability Statement

Emma Chapman jewels, seeks to create beautiful, handcrafted jewellery without causing harm either to people or to the wider environment. In order to do this, operations follow the code of conduct outlined below. There are barriers to a total understanding of a product's impact. This is because in some cases it is hard to know exactly where certain materials such as gemstones come from, however Emma Chapman jewels, takes every precaution to ensure that materials are sourced as ethically as possible. Emma Chapman jewels never knowingly buys from companies behaving unethically. Emma Chapman jewels reviews it processes and procedures on an annual basis and is always looking for new ways to improve operations.

Equity and supporting the local economy

Emma Chapman jewels sources materials and labour in Jaipur, India - a part of the world with a long and celebrated tradition of jewellery making. Emma has personal relationships with the craftspeople manufacturing for her. She uses local goldsmiths, artisans and stonecutters. They meet regularly on excellent terms, as Emma Chapman spends several months of the year in Jaipur with them.  They are paid well, enjoy good working conditions and happy to work with Emma, with whom they have had a relationship for over 10 years.


All efforts are made to avoid gemstones that may have come from mines that are run unethically or create undue harm to the environment. Many of the stones are sourced by the craftspeople making the jewellery, and come from local dealers in Jaipur.
These are nothing like giant corporate mega mines. Where possible local materials are favoured.


ECJ has a policy of reducing waste across all operations. In Rajasthan the craftspeople manufacture the pieces by hand, creating very little waste. Packaging is chosen to have a minimum environmental impact as Emma Chapman uses recycled materials.

We are passionate about keeping ancient skills and crafts alive, and working with small family run workshops, where skills have been passed on for centuries.