Crystal - also known as rock crystal or clear quartz is colourless and transparent, and is one of the most common minerals of the Earth's crust. Although found worldwide, the most important sources of rock crystal are in Brazil. It can also be found in the Swiss and French Alps, Madagascar, the former USSR and the USA. The name quartz comes from the Greek word krustallos, meaning ice, because it was thought that quartz was ice formed from the Gods. This magical stone, fills the aura and chakras with light. It heals and clears negativity at all levels, and protects from negative energy. It aids in emotional stability, helps all physical and emotional diseases, speeds healing and brings goodness on every level. It also promotes and intensifies spiritual expansion and awareness. Quartz crystal absorbs energy from sunlight and life force in flowers, trees and all plants - and can drawn down divine light. It will store and concentrate this energy, to be released in healing or magic or just as pure vitality.

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