Diamonds are associated with April and Taurus. Chakri diamonds are flakes of diamonds. We use chakri, rough cut and rose cut diamonds. Diamonds are know to be the hardest mineral on Earth and are highly prized. Diamonds mainly come from Australia, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Zaire, Botswana, Namibia, the USSR, the USA and Brazil.
The Greeks believed that diamonds were fragments of stars. Diamonds are a very special stone, which purify the body and detoxifies the whole system, dispersing any negativity and integrating mind, body and spirit. It increases the healthy functioning of the brain, and clears anxiety, neuroses and depression. It also increases female fertility.
Uses diamonds in love, fidelity and prosperity rituals to discover the truth about a matter. If you wish to achieve fame wearing diamonds will enhance your aura of success and make others notice you. Diamonds are used a lot for wedding rings as they fulfill a marriage contract made with a mate in the pre-life state, hold the template of the marriage, promote harmony and balance in relationship and marriage. A diamond retains the karmic imprint of the marriage even after the relationship or life of the wearer ends.

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