Blue Topaz is associated with Libra. Localities where it can be found include, Brazil. the USA, Sri Lanka, Burma, the former USSR, Australia, Tasmania, Pakistan and Russia. The name "topaz" is thought to be derived from the Sanskrit word tapas, meaning fire. A stunning blue stone, it was connected to Jupiter both in the Classical and Hindu world and so was used as a stone of justice and litigation. Blue topaz aids clear communication. It defuses emotional undercurrents. It is the stone of writers, poets and artists as well as litigators, mediators and all who seek justice. It aids in feeling one's anger and releasing it, and brings realization of one's emotions and emotional pain. It helps one learn one's true feelings and honor them and helps one let go of anger and resentment. For healing purposes it it helpful for the thyroid, the throat, the eyes, the ears and nasal passages. it calms panic attacks and cools menopausal hot flushes. It promotes calm and keeps older people mentally alert. Finally it promotes surrender to forgiveness of oneself and others.

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