Moonstone - looks rather like the shine of the moon after which is it named. This is caused by the reflection of light from the internal structure, which are tiny prismatic fractures that reflect rainbows. The best moonstone is from Burma and Sri Lanka. Other localities include India, Madagascar, Brazil, the USA, Mexico, Tanzania and the European alps. Moonstone is associated with Cancer. It was believed in classical times to absorb moon and starlight, rainbow moonstone is the original mood stone, increasing in translucence or becoming dull in response to the underlying mood of the person carrying or wearing it. Moonstone soothes and heals the emotions and mind, aids spiritual growth and development, regulates menstrual and fertility cycles and menopause. It enhances psychic knowing, is good for post-operative stress for women who have had surgery relating to their breasts, ovaries or womb. It is excellent for those who harm themselves, or consider doing so as a cry for help. Rainbow moonstone is protective for all those who live in rural or remote areas. It relieves jet lag when travelling over night. Moonstone is a wish stone for long-term projects. Use it also in love rituals, in ceremonies to increase inner-radiance and for magic.

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