Turquoise is one of the first gemstones to be mined. It has long been prized for its intense colour. Sky blue turquoise from Iran is generally considered to be the most desirable, but in Tibet a greener version is preferred. Localities in Mexico and the USA produce a greener more porous variety that tends to fade more quickly. Other localities include the former USSR, Chile, Australia, Turkestan and Cornwall ( England). Turquoise is associated with Sagittarius. The name turquoise comes from Turkey, where the Crusaders discovered it, although it was in use thousands of years before. It is a stone associated with the gods and goddesses in cultures as far apart as Ancient Egypt and China and the Americas. One of the most prized stones in Ancient Greek its name means delight and is sacred to many American Indian tribes. Turquoise detoxifies the system of pollutants, rheumatism, arthritis, bone disorders, lung and chest infections and asthma and other allergies. It is excellent for inner ear and eye problems. It also eases cramps and over-acidity and gives resistance to fight viruses. Turquoise will also attract prosperity and success. Absorbing all negative forces, turquiose endows wisdom on those who wear it and increases prophetic powers. Turquoise is said to give access to the collective wisdom of humankind. Turquoise has the dual functions both of energizing and balancing mood swings or extremes of emotions, making the wearer strong within but less sensitive to negative outer influences. It heals sadness and enhances communication and creativity.