Garnets come in colours ranging from burgundy to pinkish, orange and green hues. Pyrope (meaning fiery) garnet is blood-red, Spessartine garnet is uncommon and is orange, Almandine Garnet or Rhodolite garnet is generally darker red than pyrope and may appear black or pinkish red. Uvarovite Garnet is a bright green colour, Hessonite Garnet is mainly found in orange-brown colours, Green Grossular Garnet also known as Tsavorite is a rich green colour, Andradite Garnet is is yellow-green colour. Garnet was once said to cure melancholy and to warm the heart. The garnet was worn by the Crusaders who believed that it would light the way home. Almandine garnet has been used since medieval times for jewellery. Garnet is associated with the root chakra, and is a steady warmer. It heats cold fingers and toes, improves circulation and relieves rheumatic joints. It also melts frozen feelings and paralyzing fear. Focus on a garnet to attain what you feel passionately about: a job or a creative venture. Wear one as a physic shield in crowded places or when you are vulnerable. It also helps overcome writers block and lack of inspiration in any field.

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