Chrysoprase was used by the Greeks and Romans as a decorative stone, it comes in a lovely apple-green colour. The best chrysoprase come from Queensland (Australia), the Urals ( Russia), California ( USA), Brazil and Australia. Associated with the sign of Taurus, Chrysoprase is a stone of spring. It represents a change of heart by others or a new opportunity for you concerning situations that have seemed hopeless or avenues that you thought closed. This gorgeous stone will fill the mind and spirit with optimism and give the impetus to get back into the mainstream of life after illness or despair. It is an excellent money and fertility charm. It soothes heartache and loneliness, fosters emotional balance, reduces fear, brings inner peace and inner strength. It facilitates learning to flow with life and change. Chrysoprase is a very special stone and a life-enhancing colour, which flatters all women.

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