Peridot has an olive or bottle green colour due to the presence of iron. Good quality cystals are very rare. Peridot is found on St. John's island in Egypt, in China, Burma, Brazil, Hawai and Arizona ( USA), Australia, South Africa and Norway. Peridot is associated with Taurus. The Crusaders brought peridot to Europe in the MIddle Ages, transporting stones from St John's island in the Red Sea, where it had been mined for over 3,500 years. One of the lucky stones, peridot indicates an in-flow of money, love, luck and peace into your life. A general healer it will cool fevers and ease liver and gall bladder problems. It effectively relieves insect bites, swellings, asthma and allergic reactions. It also helps to remedy breast, heart or lung problems. Use peridot to flood your mind, body and spirit with a sense of peace and well-being, as this wonderful stone draws money and luck, is good for marriage and fidelity and sends negativity back to the sender.

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