Lapis Lazuli is a blue rock made up of several different minerals. It comes in varying hues but it is the intense dark blue, with minor patches of white calcite and brassy yellow pyrite, that is considered to be the best quality. It is usually found as boulders or within limestones. The best quality lapis lazuli is from Afghanistan. Argentian Lapis is also of a high quality. A pale blue variety occurs in the former USSR, in Chile and in Canada and a from the USA it is a darker colour Lapis Lazuli is associated with Libra and the ancient Egyptians regarded it as the stone of the Gods. This is partly because it reminded them of the starry heavens, but also because it was found to have medicinal properties that improve eyesight. Lapis relieves headaches and migraines, skin disorders and anxiety, and aids problems with the lymph glands, ears and eyes. It calms the nervous system, reducing inflammation and pain. It also helps to heal the ozone layer. It cleanes the mental body, promoting deep penetration to heal outdated thought forms and mental patterns, prevents negative thoughts from becoming karmic patterns, and changes negative views of reality to positive outlooks by reprogramming the mental body. It facilitates all healing.

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