"I love Emma Chapman's work: the intricate settings, the beautiful craftsmanship, the fact that all the gems have a meaning, and each piece of jewellery has a story. Her love of India is evident in the mix of traditional techniques and her brilliant eye for design. These are all one off pieces - real works of art, must have pieces of jewellery." Susan Ward Davies Lifestyle & Travel Director, ELLE & elleuk.com, ELLE Wedding,

Emma Chapman's award winning jewellery is beautiful and luxurious. All the jewellery is handmade by master-goldsmiths and stone cutters in our workshops in India and Nepal. It draws on ancient couture techniques, bringing old methods and styles of craftsmanship into the 21st century. The Collections are made using hand cut gemstones, ranging from rubies, emeralds and diamonds to turquoise, peridot and amethyst. The jewellery is made in silver and 18ct gold and 24ct gold vermeil. We specialize in designing exquisite timeless heirloom pieces of jewellery, which are also fabulous fashion accessories in their own right. The craftsmen we work with apply age-old techniques to each piece, include intricate carving and engraving, jali, enamelling and wire work. When you buy an Emma Chapman jewel - you are buying a piece of treasure, something that combines the ancient skills of the East with a modern design sensibility from the West. Bring some magic into your life - and buy an Emma Chapman jewel. Wear it to feel special and glamorous and to tap into another world.

Amli Moonstone RingAmli Moonstone Ring
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Amli Moonstone Ring

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Fleur Blue Topaz Flower RingFleur Blue Topaz Flower Ring
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Flora Ruby Pearl RingFlora Ruby Pearl Ring
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