A Quick Guide to Handmade and Unique Boho Jewellery

If you love to wear gorgeous boho jewellery, here at Emma Chapman jewels, we have a stunning collection of this style of jewellery, including statement pendants, rings, ornate bracelets, and chandelier earrings. Emma Chapman designs each piece, featuring colourful gemstones and beautiful birthstones. Each piece of boho jewellery has been handmade by our goldsmiths and stonecutters in Jaipur, India using master craftsmanship and ancient jewellery techniques. Every item thus epitomizes a bohemian-luxe feel – and has its own unique soul. We also have a wide collection of engagement rings available for bride and groom, and we offer a bespoke service if you want to get a piece of jewellery made especially for you.

Handmade and unique Boho jewellery collection –


Are you going on holiday or do you have a special occasion coming up, or just want a new pair of earrings to enhance an outfit or change your look? If so, at Emma Chapman jewels you will find a beautiful collection of unique boho-style earrings. . All the earrings are made of different gemstones, including aquamarine, amethyst ruby, crystal, amethyst and moonstone, so you can buy earrings based on your favourite gemstone. If you want one-of-a-kind earrings, you might like our Ofelia Labradorite Tourmaline Diamond Drop Earrings or our Ishana Turquoise Ruby Sapphire Earrings. Apart from this, we have earrings available in all of our silver and gold-plated collections including, The Bathsheba Aquamarine Drop Earrings, The Bathsheba Amethyst Ruby Earrings, The Bathsheba Crystal Aquamarine Drop Earrings, The Tamarind Hand-Carved Chrysoprase Earrings, The Tamarind Hand-Carved Aquamarine Ruby Earrings, The Tamarind Hand-Carved Turquoise Earrings, The Lola Labradorite Teardrop Earrings, The Lola Green Amethyst Aquamarine Dangle Earrings, The Bali Rose Quartz Dangle Earrings, The Bali Aquamarine Enamel Earrings, and The Tashi Moonstone Earrings.

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Boho jewellery isn't just a fashion statement; it's a versatile accessory that complements any outfit. Our collection of ornate bracelets is a testament to this. Whether you're attending a wedding, a function, or a casual event, these bracelets are the perfect accompaniment. They also make for thoughtful gifts. Our bracelet collection includes a variety of designs, such as The Bali Moonstone Bracelet, The Bali Aquamarine Enamel Bracelet, The Tashi Moonstone Bracelet, The Tashi Chrysoprase Bracelet, The Tatum Labradorite Bracelet, The Tatum Chrysoprase Bracelet, and The Nova Chrysoprase Tourmaline Bracelet.

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If you like to wear pendants with a bohemian look, then the pendants we design can be a great outfit enhancer. We have a wide selection of different styles of pendants, including cross pendants such as our one-of-a-kind Green Tourmaline Gold Cross Pendant or our long Bathsheba Aquamarine Cross Pendant, Bathsheba Amethyst Ruby Cross Pendant or The Bathsheba Crystal Aquamarine Cross Pendant. These also look great stacked with other pendants.

If you like carved gemstones you could choose from our Tamarind Hand-Carved Chrysoprase Pendant, The Tamarind Hand-Carved Labradorite Pendant or The Tamarind Hand-Carved Turquoise Pendant. We have lovely pear-drop shaped pendants too including The Lola Labradorite Moonstone Teardrop Pendant or the Lola Aquamarine Pendant. You will also find exquisitely hand-engraved pendants in the Tashi Collection such as the Tashi Moonston Pendant. If you love jaali work then the Bali Collection is for you, where you will discover pendants made in moonstone, rose quartz. chrysoprase and aquamarine. Finally if you want a special one-of-a-kind pendant then The Odetta Rutile Tourmaline Pendant, The Ada Blue Sapphire Diamond Pendant or the Ishana Turquoise Ruby Sapphire Pendant might be the right choice for you.

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Our boho jewellery collection features a variety of engagement, party, office, cocktail and occasional rings using many different gemstones, all of which are handmade using 18ct gold or sterling silver. We have rings available for both men and women. Each ring has some kind of standout gemstone in it, or ornate detailing and hand-engraving work on it.

If you like to wear statement one-of-a-kind rings, then you might like the Greta Blue Topaz Diamond Gold Ring, The Tanzanite Diamond Token Ring, The Triangle Cabochon Emerald Diamond Ring, The Bethany Square Emerald Diamond Gold Ring, The Bohemian Heart Diamond Ring, or The Mahari Cabochon Emerald Diamond Ring. Apart from this, you can also get other alternatives, which include The Citrine Ruby Bollywood Ring, The Lula Cabochon Aquamarine Ring, The Candy Pearl Emerald Gold Ring, or The Beau Opal Sapphire Cabochon Ring. From our gold plated or silver collections, The Bathsheba Aquamarine Ring, The Bathsheba Crystal Aquamarine Ring, The Tashi Chrysoprase Ring, The Lola Green Amethyst Ring, The Lola Aquamarine Ring, or The Bali Moonstone Ring are all an option.

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London Fashion Week designer Emma Chapman designs Boho jewellery to be cherished as heirloom pieces. All this jewellery can be worn many times and given as gifts to family or friends. You can enjoy this jewellery throughout your life.