Top Trends In Handmade Designer Jewellery For 2024

Here is a guide to the latest Handmade Designer Jewellery trends for 2024. Discover a perfect blend of tradition blended with modern design and redefine beauty with some jewellery from Emma Chapman jewels.

In line with today’s fashion, this is jewellery that is on-trend but timeless and we only work with small family run workshops making sure that our pieces are as sustainably made as possible. Emma Chapman has had a long standing relationship with her artisans and spends several months of the year in the workshops.

Jewellery using different types of gemstones is also on-trend, and each piece of our handmade jewellery, incorporates a range of gemstones mixing precious with semi-precious. Pair the jewellery with any outfit to express emotion, use as a talisman and enhance your look. Discover our beautiful collection of designer jewellery, including chandelier earrings, statement pendants, bracelets and rings. Our jewellery is crafted with intricate details, techniques, and passion, offering a lasting charm.

2024 Top Jewellery Trends: Redefine Your Style –

Diamond Jewellery:

The most loved and on-trend jewellery of 2024 is diamond jewellery, of which we have a vast collection. Diamonds exude style and class, and Emma Chapman has designed jewellery incorporating diamonds with other precious gemstones, and mixed metals. Our collection of diamond rings includes The Diamond Mughal Art Ring, The Brooke Diamond Gold Ring, The Diamond Floral Gold Love Ring, The Greta Blue Topaz Diamond Gold Ring and The Diamond Gold Flower Ring. Apart from this, Diamonds are very auspicious for Taurians and are a classic choice as an engagement ring. If you like diamond earrings, you can buy The Ofelia Labradorite Tourmaline Diamond Drop Earrings or The Etta Coral Diamond Gold and Silver Earrings. We also have some lovely cross pendants featuring diamonds, including The Coral Diamond Cross Pendant and the Blaire Diamond Cross Pendant.

Ruby Jewellery:

Is there a special occasion coming up or do you deserve a treat.? Ruby Jewellery is a popular choice for 2024 and a powerful gemstone. At Emma Chapman jewels, you will find a stunning collection of Ruby Jewellery, which includes rings, earrings, and pendants. Ruby Jewellery has been loved for hundreds of years and is one of the most enduring and popular of all gemstones. Our Ruby Jewellery collection includes The Jetta Hammered Ruby Ring, The Lulabelle Turquoise Ruby Statement Earrings, The Bathsheba Amethyst Ruby Cross Pendant and The Rose Enamel Ruby Gold Ring.

Emerald Jewellery:

Emma Chapman jewels collections, include Emerald Jewellery, which is a gemstone associated with vitality and prosperity. Emerald is considered a symbol of wealth and is a perennial favourite for many people as it such a powerful and attractive gemstone. Emerald Jewellery enhances any outfit, whether it is a pendant, ring, or earrings. Emerald rings designed by Emma Chapman include The Cassia Emerald Flower Ring and The Candy Emerald Pearl Gold Ring. Other pieces of emerald jewellery include The Salma Rose Quartz Emerald Pendant, The Salma Rose Quartz Emerald Earrings and The Turquoise Emerald Omar Pendant, all of which are one-of-a-kind.

Crystal Jewellery:

Crystal, also known as rock crystal, looks lovely, and is considered to be a magical stone, embodying light and pure vitality. At Emma Chapman jewels, we love to use crystal and you can choose between various pieces including, The Bathsheba Crystal Aquamarine Drop Earrings, The Bathsheba Crystal Aquamarine Cross Pendant, The Bathsheba Crystal Aquamarine Ring and The Luz Crystal Ruby Diamond Butterfly Pendant.

Conclusion –

There is a wide choice of Handmade Designer Jewellery at Emma Chapman jewels. In this article we have highlighted the most on-trend gemstones for 2024. If you want to know more, you can visit our handmade jewellery page; there, you will see many jewellery pieces!!