Expert Tips for Buying Gemstones: Complete Guide from Emma Chapman jewels

Did you know that gemstones have been used for divination, healing, and magic by ancient philosophers? They hold a multitude of beliefs and are renowned for their durability and beauty. Gemstones can bring happiness, security, and self-confidence, and have been used as talismans and birthstones since ancient times. Emma Chapman jewels stands out by offering a diverse range of jewellery, each piece featuring a unique gemstone valued for its brilliance, value, color, and quality. These gemstones, some of which are shrouded in mystery and known for their miraculous properties, are carefully selected to enhance the beauty and significance of each piece.

London Fashion Week Designer Emma Chapman uses the following gemstones in her jewellery, each with different significance, benefits, and qualities.

Blue Topaz Gemstone – 

Blue Topaz originates from Brazil but can also be found in other countries, from Sri Lanka to Pakistan and Tasmania, and is associated with Jupiter. People with Libra zodiac signs can wear this gemstone, which is known to help calm emotional undercurrents. Blue Topaz is the birthstone of December, and it is popular because it is affordable and a stunning, mesmerizing blue colour. It is related to honesty, as well as eternal friendship and attachment. Blue Topaz symbolizes peace and is capable of reducing anger; not only this, but it is also essential for healing purposes. We have jewellery available using this gemstone, such as the Greta Blue Topaz Diamond Gold Ring and Fleur Blue Topaz Flower Ring.

Exploring the advantage of Blue Topaz Gemstone –

  • Jewellery from this gemstone enhances the wearer's communication skills, self-expression, and mental alertness.
  • This stone helps treat the throat and neck, and its wearer can cure throat diseases.
  • One of the benefits of this gemstone is that it helps prevent planetary troubles and protects traders and travellers.

For whom is Blue Topaz Gemstone best?

This stone is best for writers, poets and artists, litigators, lawyers, or anyone seeking justice. According to astrologers, you should wear it on the first finger of your right hand and choose Thursday as an auspicious day for this gemstone.

Aquamarine Gemstone –

This Aquamarine Gemstone is ideal for those with an Aries zodiac sign related to March. The wearer's physical awareness and intuition increases, as well as the ability to establish loving communication. It can retrieve and improve the original soul and comes in various colours, from light to sea green and dark blue. We have multiple pieces of jewellery made with Aquamarine Gemstones including earrings, rings, pendants, and bracelets, which you can gift, wear everyday or consider as an engagement ring. You can choose from a range of our aquamarine jewellery, such as the Sky Aquamarine Gold Jaali Ring, Grecian Gold Aquamarine Stacking Ring, the Amli Hand-Carved Aquamarine Pendant or Bali Aquamarine Enamel Bracelet.

What are the benefits of Aquamarine Gemstones?         

  • Aquamarine Gemstones are helpful for those who are involved in foreign business and connections and in solving legal matters.
  • This gemstone harmonizes the spiritual state, enhances leadership skills, and coordinates the person's mental state. It is known as a healing and protective gemstone.
  • One of its benefits is that it helps treat many physical ailments, such as liver, thyroid, stomach, and throat.
  • This gemstone is advantageous for those fond of travelling as it protects you from travel risks and provides security.

Who is Aquamarine best for?

This is best for those who want to strengthen the position of Saturn and those who face problems in speaking or talking confidently.  

Emerald Gemstone –

Emerald Gemstones have been prized since ancient times and are found in Australia, Brazil, Colombia and India. Emeralds provide the wearer with positivity and remove negativity. They are best for women suffering from labour pain and improve older adults' health by increasing inner youthfulness. They are related to the corium mineral and are very precious and elegant. Emma Chapman jewels offers rings, pendants and earrings made from Emerald Gemstones, such as the Candy Emerald Pearl Gold Ring or the Hema Emerald Diamond Pendant.

Benefits of Emerald Gemstone:

  • This is ideal for improving relationships and increasing love. Emerald Gemstones are protective against physical and mental attacks.
  • They are considered to be a symbol of prosperity and wealth, bringing abundance to the wearer's life. It can be best for people associated with finance or banking.
  • Emerald Gemstones are suitable for those suffering from skin allergies, asthma, ear problems, and heart diseases.
  • Emeralds increase inner radiance, offering a sense of peace and stability.

Who should wear Emerald Gemstones?

People with Gemini and Virgo zodiac signs should wear this gemstone; it is also related to the planet Mercury, so you should have Mercury in your horoscope.

Diamond Gemstone –

Diamond Gemstones are related to April and are considered to be the hardest mineral while also being beautiful and valuable. They are found in Sierra Leone, Australia, Namibia, Ghana, the USA, Zaire and the USSR. Ancient philosophers considered them to be pieces of stars that help keep you clean and detoxify the system. We have diamond rings, pendants, and earrings available, including diamond wedding or engagement rings. Diamonds are known to strengthen the marriage bond and maintain balanced relationships. You can find many pieces of jewellery using diamonds at Emma Chapman jewels, for example, the Diamond and Gold Passion Ring, the Cora Diamond Cross Pendant and Dolly Tourmaline Diamond Gold Dangle Earrings. 

Know about the attributes of Diamond Gemstone:

  • It is most beneficial for people with the Taurus zodiac sign and is considered a gem of luck. It is helpful for you to overcome financial problems and achieve stability.
  • Its advantage is that it helps in the healthy functioning of the brain and increases women's reproductive capacity.
  • These are used for truth-seeking and to achieve fame in life.
  • Diamond Gemstones help remove heart and brain-related diseases and purify the body systems.

We hope you have learned about gemstones through this blog so that now you can buy jewellery made by Emma Chapman according to your choice of gemstones!!