Green Tourmaline Gemstone: Healing Properties, Benefits and Astrological Significance

Green tourmaline, also known as verdelite, is a unique gemstone found in Namibia, Brazil, and Tanzania. It stands out as the most popular and suitable gemstone for detoxification. Beyond its physical properties, this stone holds a deeper significance. It has the power to remove the sorrow and negative emotions of the previous and present life, making it a powerful tool for emotional healing. Moreover, it is considered best for manifestation, helping you identify whether you are worthy of the abundance of the world or not. This makes green tourmaline a gemstone of choice for those seeking manifestation and success.

Green tourmaline is not just a gemstone, it's a versatile tool for enhancing various aspects of life. It is the most popular stone for enhancing intellectual powers, removing weaknesses, bringing prosperity to life, and inspiring creativity. This semi-precious stone is an ideal alternative to emerald. Its attractive green and dark bottle green hues make it a valuable addition to any collection.

Renowned London Fashion Week Jewellery Designer Emma Chapman incorporates green tourmaline gemstone in her jewellery designs, including engagement rings, earrings, pendants, and more. Her skilled artisans craft these pieces for weddings, engagements, or any occasion, making them a perfect blend of style and substance. Wearing this gemstone daily can also benefit you, adding a touch of healing and positivity to your everyday life.

Know the healing properties of green tourmaline gemstone –

You can get the following healing properties by wearing green tourmaline gemstone;

This gemstone strengthens your nervous system and heart and helps enhance your immune system. It gives you relief from fatigue and also helps in awakening the feeling of enthusiasm towards life. This lovely stone enables one to participate in physical activities and receive the universe's powerful and authentic healing energies.

Emotional healing properties –

Green Tourmaline gemstones are used to relieve anxiety, anger, and emotional disorders and are a good choice for those who suffer from these. They reduce stress and create a feeling of peace. If you have low self-confidence and self-esteem, you can wear this. It also awakens compassion towards others.

Spiritual healing properties –

Green tourmaline gemstones help encourage feelings of compassion and love for others and enable you to connect with your inner spirituality. This helps reduce the sense of self-criticism and is also beneficial in times of conflict or crisis.

Metaphysical healing properties -

The green colour of this gemstone helps awaken pure enthusiasm and hope in you and removes any bad energy inside you. If you are involved in any emotional issues, it enables you to deal with them. Do you know that it helps reduce your weight and also helps clear things that are not useful for you from the body?

Exploring the benefits of green tourmaline gemstone –

There is not just one but many benefits of this gemstone that are important for you to know about. When you are in trouble or sad, this stone helps you escape the situation.

  • This stone helps enhance your spiritual growth and wisdom and leads you to peace and appreciation. It also allows you to remove criticism, understand energy levels, and remove self-doubt.
  • It also helps in curing diseases like cancer and develops cellular growth and aids in treating problems like thymus problems, skin rashes, blurred vision, eczema, and eye inflammation.
  • This gemstone helps protect enterprises from financial losses and destructive alliances, and you can also achieve achievements and move ahead in your career by wearing it. It suits those working in law firms, banks, stock markets, and industries.
  • It helps increase bravery and enhances assertive communication, reconciliation, and compassion.
  • This stone helps balance the root chakra, healing difficulties, enhancing creativity, and restoring the heart chakra. It balances and corrects the solar plexus chakra and also provides relief from trauma.
  • Green tourmaline is the best gemstone for improving bad relationships and maintaining balance in relationships with love and happiness. It’s most significant benefit is promoting communication with your partner and respecting the relationship.
  • This gems is beneficial for the healing and growth of plants and helps encourage the use of herbal practice.

To protect the house from negativity and hexing, you can place green tourmaline gemstones at the entrance and in the southeast direction of the residence to ward off the evil thoughts of others.

Astrological significance of green tourmaline gemstone –

According to astrology, green tourmaline should be worn by those people who are influenced by the planet mercury. It is particularly effective for people with Gemini and Virgo zodiac signs, and those born in October. Wearing this gemstone between 6 to 7 am can align you with its energy, bringing wealth, fortune, prosperity, and success, and helping you realize your objectives.

Emma Chapman has used green tourmaline gemstones in many jewellery designs, and we have explained their benefits and importance here. Discover some of her pieces of jewellery using this gemstone including The Dolly Tourmaline Diamond Gold Earrings, The Odetta Rutile Tourmaline Pendant, The Green Tourmaline Gold Cross Pendant and The Ofelia Labradorite Diamond Tourmaline Drop Earrings.

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