How Moonstone is good for you: Everything you need to know about Moonstone

As the name suggests, moonstone is a beautiful gemstone that shines like the Moon. It is found in India, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Brazil, Myanmar and USA. It is considered a symbol of awareness and peace and helps balance emotions. The planet Moon rules this gemstone; hence, it can be worn to please the Moon God and get positive effects. It helps absorb the light of stars and is also called the original mood stone. This gemstone is also used in love rituals, magic and ceremonies. From an astrological point of view, this gemstone is the birthstone of June. Apart from being attractive and beautiful, it is also valuable and is supported by Vedic astrology.

Here, we will tell you some benefits and healing properties of wearing moonstone!!

Healing Properties of Moonstone:

Let's take a look at some of the healing properties of moonstone –

Metaphysical Properties:

This moonstone is associated with the crown chakra, heart chakra, and third eye chakra, inviting you to look within. It helps one find one's place in the universe and feel part of the great cosmic jigsaw. It is also helpful in providing you with a spiritual and peaceful feeling.

Physical Properties:

People who suffer from PMS should wear this moonstone. It works as a treatment for hormonal balance and PMS symptoms. It removes reproductive problems and has a healthy effect on the reproductive organs. This gem is best for reducing all physical problems during pregnancy and eliminating issues related to childbirth.

Mental & Emotional Properties:

The moonstone affects our emotional and mental balance and helps bring up all those emotions. It enables you to connect with the universe and control imbalanced hormones and is also suitable for new beginnings. By wearing it, you will embrace the cyclical nature of the seasons and stop fearing the prospect of new chapters. This gemstone helps you process and accept natural healing powers.

Some Benefits of Wearing Moonstone –

You should wear a Moonstone, which is brand new and fresh and has not been used by anyone else; otherwise, it may negatively affect you. You should especially take care of not giving the gemstone to anyone. The energy transmission will cover the characteristics of your emotional, physical and mental states.

  • It is a gemstone of good luck, helpful in removing your negative energy and bringing happiness.
  • If you are fond of travelling far, this stone is suitable as it protects you from uncertain dangers.
  • Wearing it improves your decision-making ability, brings success in your career and business and increases self-confidence.
  • The love life of the person wearing this gemstone improves, and all the problems and worries related to relationships disappear.
  • It is ideal for musicians, writers and artists and helps them excel in creative fields.
  • Women should wear this because it brings happiness and peace to their lives.
  • This moonstone is a stone that gives good life results to the person wearing it. If you want to overcome your fears, this gemstone is most suitable for you.
  • Moonstone is perfect for those who are always ill and want to stay healthy as it protects you from diseases. It is best suited for people who have insomnia and weak memory.
  • It removes your stress and monotony of life and finds a path to peace for you.


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